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Hollow Core Slabs

Hollow Core Slab is a fast and economic method of suspended floor and roof construction systems which have been used successfully for Housing, Shops, Offices, Schools, Mosques, Supermarkets, Clinics, Fire Stations and other buildings.

Hollow Core Slabs are part of the main products of Contech Building Systems .Hollow core slabs have already proven their superiority for flooring and roofing systems. Contech's Hollow Core production facility is equipped with the latest fully computerized equipment and machinery including shear compaction extruders, multi stressing devices, a heating plant (for accelerated curing) and an automated concrete transport shuttle to ensure consistency of concrete  mixes. With the substantial production capacity installed at our factories, our clients' need of speed  and quality can be achieved in a very short time. It is noteworthy that the necessary infrastructure for additional production facilities has been put in place with a view to further expand the production capacity in a very short period. 

The Concept

 Produced by extrusion of high quality concrete on continuous casting beds and pre stressed to calculated design requirements, Hollow Core Slabs are capable of spanning up to18.5 meters giving rapid construction of suspended floors and roofs without the need for any formwork. The hollow cores running through the length of the slabs reduce the self-weight and economise on material content. Within the restraints imposed by loading, slabs may be cut to any length and can support loads up to 55 kN/sq.m

Hollow Core Slabs can be used in many types of structures including precast and in-situ concrete, steel and load bearing block work. No other method of suspended flooring can provide a faster or cheaper solution to your suspended floor requirements.


Type H8
Type H6
Type H5
Type 4/32
Type 4/42
Type 4/50

Hollow Core Slabs