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Redi-Rock Blocks

  • Massive blocks with the look of real stone, dry-laid like giant Lego®
Redi-Rock -Applications
Redi-Rock has a huge number of applications, bringing different benefits in different circumstances as in :
• Waterways and Shoreline Defence
• Landscaping
• Commercial Developments
• Highways
• Rail (for the future here)


Redi-Rock was developed some 10+ years ago in the USA with now over 300 producers North America-wide. It is backed by this experience & 12 US Patents and 2 EU Patents, on-line & in-house design capabilities - offering you PI (Professional Indemnity). It is produced in UAE by Contech in Jebel Ali, Dubai
Product Overview
• Appearance of any natural stone in texture and colour (0.54 m2 face/ block)
• Available in Retaining and Freestanding ranges
• Manufactured from up to 50 kN concrete - with no re-bar re-inforcing
• A solution engineered uniquely for you that gives you PI
• An innovative and versatile system combining strength with aesthetics
• Can be used in situations where space is limited and is fast to construct
• A high quality solution that generates huge savings in time & money
• Re locatable - Just pick up and move to use again - possible because our system is dry-laid (i.e. no mortar required).
• For large projects can be manufactured on-site
• Quick to assemble - No form work or shuttering
• If project plans change, quick/ easy to modify
• Engineered strength - with up to 1.5 ton interlocking blocks for the wall base
• Add cables or rods for reinforcement - or for some high walls, use Geogrid
• Appearance of natural stone - coloured at source to match local stone/ needs
• Internal or external corners with Convex or Concave curves
• Freestanding walls link seamlessly to retaining walls
Redi-Rock - The Product
Retaining Block Series
Specification : Minimum strength : 4000 psi at 28 days
Block weights up to 1,550 kg
The Retaining range is avialable in a variety of depths : 720mm / 1030mm / 1520mm. This allows the correct size of block to be specified.


Freestanding Block Series
The Freestanding range are a double sided block that work by themselves or in conjunction with the Retaining range. Texture on 2 or 3 sides


Textures / Colours
There are available a range of Redi-Rock textures & colours to your choice. Below are some standard examples: 


Redi-Rock Blocks